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The Best Plane Seats As Told By Air Hostesses

The good advice to pick the best seats for your flight

As I m working during the summer season worldwide as an osteopath physio after my season in Courchevel, I m flying a lot. During one of my flight to Beijing China, I have met an air hostess who told me some of the best tricks to pick the best seats for your flight, especially if you fly economy class.

If you didn’t plan to fly first class or business, this post is going to be useful to you.

your physio physiotherapist osteopath osteo from courchevel seating in a plane

You are all excited about your next trip, and before queuing for long minutes to drop your case, praying that the weight of your case is ok, spending long time again at security check mentally shouting at the person in front of you for being too slow taking off shoes, then waiting again at boarding, there’s an essential and crucial choice to be made: your seat!!

If you fly often, you are used to your 30 hours before flight check in. after the winter in Courchevel, as an osteopath physio flying often for my patients all over the planet, I have the advantage to be premium on SkyTeam frequent flyers program. But even, what seat is the best for your journey?

In economy the best ones are usually the exits ones, especially the ones located on the wings, they are my favorite seats. But it is rare now to get them for free, airlines make you pay those ones.

Your French osteopath physio from Courchevel told you already leg space is vital for body fluids circulation. The air hostess I have met on that Beijing flight told me that the best row to choose, is the second one on your section. Yes, the first one got more leg space, but you cannot store your bag on the floor and your entertainment have to be folded 30 minutes before landing and takeoff. Quite annoying when you are watching that great snowboarding movie.

A window seat is great for the view and if you want to sleep you can lay your head on the window, but be aware that’s where the air flow is generated for the cabin and it’s hard to get out for a toilet visit or a healthy walk as I mentioned on the post.

An alley seat is good, you can walk, stand up freely. But you have to stand up if somebody on the same row wants to stand up, you can received a nice shock during your sleep from walking passengers or even the food tray. And you can’t rest your head.

The front side of the aircraft is usually less noisy and have less vibrations, no wonder business and first classes are located there.

Don’t choose the last row, unless it’s a 777, you seat can’t incline that much and usually leg space is smaller.

Unless you know your travel buddy well middle seat is pointless as you have all the disadvantages.

If you don’t know plane models that well, use It is the most useful site hostesses and myself know about the seat’s choice. Just enter your flight number, the website will tell you the plane model, the best seats in that specific flight and even the one to avoid. For example, you choose a window seat but on that plane the window is not centered where you are seated, annoying for the view. The website can even tell you where are the worst seats for food trailer bump.

Happy holiday for you all, safe flights. And for this upcoming winter, to avoid injuries, to treat an injury, to be ready for the ski slopes the next day in Courchevel book your treatment in the comfort of your chalet or hotel in Courchevel with your physiotherapist osteopath. Osteopathy and physio treatments combined is the best way to insure great time on the slopes of Courchevel ski resort.

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