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What Causes Bronchiolitis?

As RSV is a virus the treatment is mainly symptomatic. The little patient may be prescribed by the GP, anti-inflammatory, Broncho dilatators, and most important physiotherapy to clear the lungs. Monitoring is a key factor, my french physio Courchevel is equipped with first quality stethoscope and hospital grade oximeter (a device that measures oxygen blood saturation ). Behaviours need as well to be changed, your physio will tell you more. And remember my French physio Courchevel did 3 accredited training with the best infant's ER in Bordeaux, France.

Bronchiolitis is a lower respiratory tract infection that targets an infant below the age of 2. It's caused by a virus called respiratory syncytial virus or RSV. It is quite a seasonal infection, in the northern hemisphere, it occurs from November to April, with a peak in January February. It causes the lungs, bronchioles to be obstructed and can lead to severe hypoxia (lack of oxygen)

Who Is Susceptible To Bronchiolitis In Courchevel?

The main target is infants below 2 years old. Virtually everyone has been infected with RSV by the age of three. It is common to be infected more than once, however, subsequent infections are usually milder.

Children who are older than two years do not develop bronchiolitis but can be infected with RSV. RSV infection is common in children older than two. It usually causes symptoms similar to those of the common cold or mild wheezing, and at times, the illness is significant enough to require evaluation by a health care expert.

How Bronchiolitis In Courchevel Be Treated?

How Does My French Physio Treat Bronchiolitis?

First of all, all french physiotherapists are trained to deal with bronchiolitis during their studies. Scientific consensus and studies have shown that physio and specific massage are one of the only treatment for RVS. First of all the physio in Courchevel will assess precisely the state of the patient. Referred by a GP who is always giving his opinion and diagnosis, the physio will listen to the infant's lungs with a stethoscope to assess the state of lung obstructions, then my French physio Courchevel will measure the oxygen level in the blood, and look for precise clinical signs. This evaluation will lead to a physio treatment or a medical evacuation to the nearest hospital depending on the clinical signs. In most of the cases, physiotherapy treatment is enough. The daily sessions are usually done before food intake. My French physio Courchevel will give a series of advice and general recommendations to the parents. The physio technics involved a series of manual compressions of the rib cage and abdominal pressures. The purpose is to accelerate the exhaling airflow to clean the lungs. The technics are quite spectacular and can be traumatic for the parents to see, but they are painless for the baby and are the way to treat bronchiolitis. Usually, 4 sessions are enough. My French physio Courchevel did 3 extra specific pieces of training with Bordeaux's Hospital, your child is in safe hands and always linked with either the GP, emergency services and your physio is available 7 days a week during the winter season. I always take time to explain to the parents the procedure and answer every question.

respiratory breathing massag technics done by my french physio courchevel
baby being monitored by physio courchevel
stethoscope used before massage technics done my french physio courchevel
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