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With a smartphone in our pocket, we can send pictures, videos all over the world and in a matter of seconds. As I am passionate about the landscape of our beautiful mountains, the beauty of the most luxurious places i am practicing and of course with respect of my patient's privacy.


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Taking Time between treatments to capture and share my view, the beauty of Courchevel and the world.


We are rushing from place to place to perform the best treatments possible to our patient. Especially during rush hours, time is limited, treating back pain then drive fast to treat a knee injury and so on. During my little time off between medical treatments, or when I indulged myself with hours off work to take advantage of a snowboarding session on the slopes on the resort, I am keeping an eye always on the beauty of our mountains. Beauty, blessing, happiness can be found everywhere. I love to share it with you, I love to share my vision with you, don’t hesitate to look at my social media, read my blog! I will be more than happy to hear from you, comment, share, give me your inspiration as well. Physiotherapy and osteopathy is a big part of my life, but it’s not all. I m sharing my vision of Courchevel, my ideas in my blog, and my trips when I am working abroad.

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