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Introducing In Courchevel And The World Lian Monley Gut Program Alliance With My French Physio Osteopath

We are pleased to offer our optional combo treatments, get treated for a wide spectrum of pathologies inside out !

a physio osteopath in courchevel partnerns with lian monley
a physiotherapist osteopath from courchevel is working with lian monley

Working in Courchevel and internationally, I am always focused on improving my results in my field. I am open-minded and curious about alternative therapies. Bridging osteopathy and physiotherapy, I knew that recent medical studies showed that gut is now considerate as the second brain and its dysfunctions are linked to many pathologies. I have with osteopathy some technics to work on it, but it's still limited. I got interested in the work of Lian Monley. She is covering a field that I am not. We decided to offer comprehensive, holistic approach treatments for you. Offering in one go, my work and hers, you have the unique opportunity to treat yourself with the vision of two professionals. To know more about what Lian can do here is below what she is saying about her work :

"Day-to-day we are faced with several situations and problems in life. We forced ourselves to face everything in one sitting yet we overlook how our body is suffering from exhaustion. Yes! Our body is the one that deteriorates. If we don't do something about it now, it could go on for a longer time and in worst cases, it could turn into detrimental. 
My holistic health journey began 20 years ago. I've learned how health is holistic, which means everything in our body, inner and outside, is something to consider. I’ve built and created successful businesses in all areas of the health industry. I have travelled across the world to train celebrities, entrepreneurs and people just like you.
Every misconception about health blew my mind knowing that it wasn't just about being the fittest or sexiest person alive. Life wasn't about depending on what the doctors would say. I've learnt that it's much more than that. I wanted to be more than that. I wanted to improve my health and other peoples for the better. My health protocols include the body as a whole being -physical, spiritual and mental aspects.


With so many mixed messages and rogue information floating around, it makes it hard to connect the dots on a holistic approach to gut health.

My clients have had remarkable results with a host of ailments, ranging from IBS, SIBO, eczema, chronic fatigue, depression, ADD/ADHD, arthritis and autoimmune disorders with healing the body with precise individual protocols healing the body from the inside out.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

My drive and determination to heal people are driven by pure passion.  What I’ve found from my own and other people’s experiences, is that with almost any symptom or chronic illness there is a link to gut health, I’ve helped a lot of people rebalance and fortify their gut. It relates to so much more than just gut symptoms; it’s pretty far-reaching.


It may seem like an overwhelming task to rebalance an internal system in your body that has been on cruise control without much of a second thought. But if you approach it as creating balance in your nutrition and mind-body relationship, then it becomes more manageable. 

Allow yourself to release the tension and feel relaxed as you rediscover, reconnect, and refresh your body, mind, and soul. Together, we’ll achieve balance by navigating all the systems in the body to achieve optimum results. All these are used to transform your health from the inside-out. In the end, you will feel energised, nourished, and refreshed. 

To find out more on my approach, please check my website by clicking here."

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