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My French Physio has been servicing as an Osteopath in the Courchevel region for over 10 years. An experienced professional in  body health care My French Physio's Osteo treatment in Courchevel is second to none keeping up-to-date with the latest in osteopathy techniques in France.


Osteopathy is a drug-free, non-invasive manual therapy.


My French Physio offers osteopathy is a non-invasive manual therapy, a drug-free procedure that allows to detect, treat, and prevent health problems. An osteopath Courchevel focuses on the main principle that the body needs freedom of motion on every kind of human tissues i.e. muscles, joints, fascias, ligaments, organs as well as blood and lymphatic supplies for all those issues. When all tissues are functioning smoothly well together and when there are no motion restrictions, the body can restore its conditions and heal itself properly and fast.

After a precise diagnosis, a series of tests made by the hands of your osteo Courchevel, he will proceed with a series of joints manipulation, tensions release technics, stretch. The results of an osteopath Courchevel treatment for your body are dramatically positive, it affects the well being of your musculoskeletal system, as well as your lymphatic, circulatory, lymphatic systems and the general well being.

Using an osteo Courchevel is a preventive treatment as well as a post-traumatic procedure to quickly send you back to the Courchevel slopes.


There are three main cases that require a booking with your My French Physio osteopath Courchevel.


1. Traumatic Case : 

You have experienced a crash either on the slopes of Courchevel skiing or snowboarding, or doing another activity. Osteopath Courchevel had even seen people hurting themselves going out of bed, or carrying bags. Your body is suffering then from disbalance, the body structures are perturbed. You need then an osteo Courchevel fix to restore body functions and be able to enjoy the slopes of Courchevel.


2. Chronic Case :

Osteopath Courchevel can help ease your problems. You suffer from long-time health malfunctions and it affects your abilities to perform well on the slopes of Courchevel. After a precise assessment and review of your medical history, osteopath Courchevel will then design a specific osteopathic treatment and a daily program that includes physiotherapy Courchevel to get you back on track.


3.Preventive Case :

You are coming to Courchevel to enjoy snow sports, you may have a dysfunction that does not affect you yet, but certainly will in the future. Your My French Physio Osteopath Courchevel can perform a full-body reset... A great body M.O.T. that will improve dynamic body balance and awareness.


When you are on holiday and require an osteopath in Courchevel, the best way to find the right osteopath Courchevel is by asking your concierge or ski instructor. They live in the resorts and know who is reputable in Courchevel. My French Physio is proud of the word of mouth reputation that we have created over the last 14 years. Our word of mouth referrals has been a vital key for Courchevel visitors looking for the right osteopath in Courchevel. Feel free to check the training of your My French Physio osteopath Courchevel as it's important you feel completely confident that you are in the safe hands of an osteo professional.


There Are 2 Ways To Become a Fully Qualified Osteopath in France :


1. After a Scientific Bachelor, osteopath students can go directly to 6 years of training or, 

2. An Osteopath will train for 6 years after completing a 4-year training in physiotherapy.


My French Physio Courchevel completed French Physio Training in France and his Osteo Training in both the U.K and France. 

In total... 10 years of body studies that are fully recognized by the highly regulated French healthcare system.

During his Osteo studies, My French physio Courchevel competently performed and repeated hundreds of osteo techniques on patients whilst working as a physiotherapist at the same time.


How can I make an appointment with an osteopath in Courchevel?


My French Physio Osteopath Courchevel offers a professional, mobile service to patients in 1850, 1650, 1550, 1350 and La Tania area chalets and resorts of Courchevel, France. For your complete privacy and comfort, our mobile osteo service in Courchevel will ensure quality and professionalism when dealing with your personal injuries and body issues.


We guarantee discretion and pride ourselves on our quality service. No matter what the weather, My French Physio is fully equipped with 4 x 4 Jeep to ensure our timely arrival to all appointments.


My French Physio's experienced Courchevel osteopath loves to ride and ski the Courchevel mountains. He understands your problems and injuries and can also advise you on local places, tips and tricks for this 2017 Courchevel Ski Season...


For quality osteopathy body care in Courchevel...


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