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Please contact us with your requirements via our contact form below so that we can create the perfect road to your recovery.


Courchevel, France

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Contacting your physio osteopath is easy.

The best way to make a booking in advance if you want to book your daily stretching, your sports massage is to send us an email. You’ll be guaranty to have your physio osteopath at the required dates and time.

 In case of an emergency appointment (i.e.: back injury, knee strain, neck problem...) contact us preferably by SMS or WhatsApp, it’s a quick and more convenient way for us to know that you are in need and we can get back to you quickly. We are extremely busy during the day and we don’t respond during a treatment. SMS is a discreet way to answer your request respecting the privacy and comfort of our patients. We operate seven days a week from early morning until late at night during the winter season. We surely can arrange an appointment even late at night in the comfort of your chalet or hotel in Courchevel.

In case you prefer to talk with us for advice or booking don’t hesitate, you can do so by phone or again WhatsApp. It is better to understand your needs, pathology, problems, requirement. As we are busy from 15:00 till 20:00, our peak hours try to avoid this time window. Call us in the morning or late at night, there will be always someone to answer your call.

Keep in mind that our appointments are roughly by the hour so either you’ll get an answer at the round time or during our appointment.

The phone is always in our pockets and we value a quick and informative response to you, your satisfaction is our pride. Contact us now!

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