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French Qualified Physiotherapist and Osteopath 


I am a french physiotherapist/osteopath/massage therapist working in Courchevel during the winter season.


I completed my studies in France for physio in 1998 and both France and the U.K for osteopathy in 2004. Physiotherapy work and osteopathy work in Courchevel especially requires solid clinical training as well as experience, dealing with medical conditions and injuries that have to be handled accordingly to the latest medical and scientific consensus. I am training every year to get the latest updates on techniques and treatments. It's a life long training, to work on my patients efficiently in Courchevel.


Each pathology is different. Every person is different... My 14 years of experience in resorts and chalets have helped me make each treatment as personalized as possible. It is important for the experience between both the patient and myself, is an enjoyable one, with me offering them the best service possible expected in the Courchevel region.

Physiotherapist     Osteopath    Physical Preparation Sports Massage Therapist in Courchevel

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One question I am asked on a regular basis is, "So, are you treating me with osteopathy or physiotherapy?" My answer is always the same " You came to enjoy Courchevel and you required a physio or an osteopath. Well, I am bridging the two professions, and am mixing all the techniques professionally and with maximum safety" I am offering to my patients, the best of both worlds and points of view in my two hands.


Being French and having French training in the highly regulated French healthcare system, gives top security to my patients. I am by law, fully insured with professional insurance coverage. This allows My French Physio to deal with health insurance companies worldwide.


I have many passions in life. Some are riding snow on my snowboard, riding waves on my surfboard, and travelling the world to do that. Being into science since childhood, my choice of studies went into the science of the human body and I chose physiotherapy. After graduating in physiotherapy, I studied osteopathy which I completed in France and in the UK. After 10 years of studies, I wanted to mix my love of getting people back on their feet with my passion for riding the elements.


In the year 2000, my Courchevel journey began... I was able to work in ski resorts, ride the mountains I loved and at the same time, work with the most exclusive clients in resorts and chalets, most of them, also passionate about skiing and snowboarding. Courchevel gave me one more thing...the excellence in service. Being on call for the most prestigious chalets and hotels, (Les Airelles, Le Melezin, and Cheval Blanc), I understood quickly that skill is one thing, but quality services make the difference. Fully mobile, I spend the winters driving with my equipment from one place to the next, offering an elite, private physio service to the Courchevel region.


Quickly my clients made me travel to work all over the world. Based in Bali, Indonesia, during the summer months, I continue to travel and work for private clients and the best luxury spas in the world. Please go on my international services page to know more.

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