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inspiring pictures from the winter season and the international season 

Why we are using Instagram and not displaying physiotherapy and osteopathy 

Instagram is one of the major social media in the internet world. It is a funny, easy way to share photos and get inspired. Its is hard sometimes to balance between personal life and my professional life. As a physiotherapist osteopath, you should expect my Instagram account to be focused on this topic. In fact, you will notice that I am sharing a lot of photos of my travels and trips to workplaces. When I am working in Courchevel, I like to share pictures on Instagram about our beautiful mountains of the resort. Having my smartphone in my pocket all the time, I like to capture the beauty of my everyday life, a nice chalet, a sparkle of light on snow, an unusual angle, a great luxury car passing by. We are surrounded by little pleasures, nice views, it makes our day better and happy. I am treating a lot of patients during my ski season and my international season. I have to deal with back pain, knee injuries, sports injuries, or chronic health situations. Instagram is a way for me to escape a bit from this and it is giving the opportunity to show you my life behind the stage. In a way, it is backstage. I would love to hear from you! Please comment, like, share, or even dislike my photos. For evident reasons of privacy, I never take pictures of my patients or interior of chalets or places I m working in. Privacy, discretion, respect are for me the most important value. Technicity is one thing, these values are the most important.

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