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My French Physio offers thorough Physiotherapy Treatment which can be extremely beneficial to your bodies health

and well being during your winter stay in Courchevel.

* Have you sustained an injuring after skiing on the slopes of Courchevel?

* Are you trying to deal with an old injury which just won’t stop giving you endless woes?

* Would You Like Maximum Performance On The Slopes Of Courchevel?


Then you should make it a point to call and make an appointment with My French Physio today!


Winter is nearing, and skiing season is knocking on the door. Your long-awaited passion for skiing is building up inside. You have your tools ready to ski on a beautiful snowy day. You are ready to set yourself on the top of mountains and drive down the slopes breathing chilling fresh air and witness the beautiful silent serenity of Courchevel. But you are worried about the injuries you had before or worried about what if you have one while skiing.

Does it sound familiar and are you going through exactly the same as mentioned above?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, as I will be explaining everything that you need to know because here are the things you need, in order to prepare to prevent any injuries while skiing and how My French Physio Courchevel can help in managing any ski-related injuries.


Before getting started, get to know some of the common injuries in skiing:

1. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Rupture

You will hear or feel a popping sound when your ACL ruptures. It usually occurs when you are in the “back seat” and catches an inside edge, that causes your knees to twist beyond its normal range of motion.


2. Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Injuries

MCL injuries occur when the force is applied to the side of the knee while it’s bent. It also gets injured if your knee falls inward when you fall over.


3. Shoulder Dislocation

The shoulder Dislocation usually occurs when you fall with an outstretched hand and if you got hit directly on your shoulder. You will experience extreme pain and swell on the affected shoulder.


4. Concussion

Unlike in the past, due to advancement in helmets, head injury has dropped down drastically. But that does not mean, you won’t face it. 

So, after having concussion injury, if you feel giddiness, nosebleed, confused, not able to move your arms and legs, then you should get yourself accessed. If you have any such symptoms and does not go away quickly, it indicates a head injury and is a medical emergency.


5. Skier’s Thumb

Skier’s Thumb is an Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury. You will feel pain at the base of the thumb in the webspace between your thumb and index finger. Falling on a hard snow surface with your ski pole in hand usually causes Skier’s Thumb. Depending on the severity, it can take a few hours to a few days to get recovered from it.

How Physiotherapist can help you prevent such incidents

You now know the different types of injuries that are likely to occur while skiing. 

“What do I do now?” Is that what you are asking right now?

Well, you should consider yourself to get an appointment with a Physiotherapist to prepare yourself to prevent such injuries from occurring.


6. Spine Disfunction

One of the most common injuries that occur on the slopes of Courchevel. The topography of this kind of injury varies on how the trauma happened. Lower back dysfunctions often happen in heavy, wet snow during carving sessions or bumpy turns usually at the end of the day when the dynamic balance is weakened by tiredness. Neck and cervical dysfunctions are more likely to happen during high-velocity impact with the ground often referred as whiplash, they got to be assessed really carefully as the mobility of the neck leads to anatomical instability> Therefore neurological issues like nerve compressions got to be detected by a professional, and sometimes X rays images are required to work safely by My French Physio Courchevel.




1. Train For Proper Warm-up

Warm-up sessions are extremely important. With fully activated muscles it is less likely to suffer from injuries, as you will be using all the muscles in full potential. My French Physiotherapist will teach stretching and a few warm-up exercises before beginning your Skiing sessions. This warm-up session can help your muscles to get fully elastic and activated fully.


2. Strengthening Exercises

The strength of your muscles stabilises your joint and your body in correct alignments. Thus it helps in preventing injuries. 

The physio Courchevel therapist will train your muscles to gain strength so that your joints and body are stabilised. 


3. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy by your physio Courchevel style, often applied for sportspeople, is a firm and slow version of massage. The pressure from sports massage applied to the area helps in activating, gaining elasticity, increase blood flow and perform better.

Better always means, without any accidents and mishaps that lead to injuries.


4. Postural Training

Posture plays a great role in prevention. The way you move your body, how to ski, how to propel and how much to bend your body. Such postural technique contributes to balancing your body and maintain stability to avoid falling and hence prevent injuries.




1. Pain Management

If you suffer from any injury mentioned above, one of the most bothersome troublemakers would be a pain. You will feel extreme pain depending on the intensity of your injury. 

Your My French Physio Courchevel will apply Cryotherapy, and use other modalities which will be of great help in managing Pain.


2. Swelling Management

Compression stockings, elevation and Cryotherapy, are few that My French Physio Courchevel will prescribe to manage your swelling. 

And you will be asked to take rest to subside pain and swelling, before sending you back to the ski slopes.


3. Restore Functionality

After managing your swelling and pain, you will be trained by My French Physio Courchevel with exercises to restore the functionality. 

Some of the common types of exercises are Range of Motion Exercises and Strengthening Exercises.


4. Further Prevention

As you are aware with which mistake made you have the injury, upon discussing with your Courchevel Physiotherapist, he will be able to provide you further advice and other preventive methods to avoid being the victim again.



You have learnt everything that you need to know about Injuries while skiing. You have also learnt how your My French physio Courchevel can help you to prevent and manage the injuries that occurred during skiing.

So, if you are out there skiing in Courchevel, and if you ever come across injuries and want to work out to prevent injuries, then you know what to do. Contact My French Physio Courchevel now to book a Physiotherapist to help you perform and enjoy your skiing experience this winter.

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