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Your osteopath physiotherapist in Courchevel has 2 twitter accounts


follow them here! travel, injuries management, resort news, scientific data, Courchevel stories, travel tips, photos, ideas, physiotherapy news, osteopathy news all in one place. Twitter is a great social media. We have to accounts displaying mostly pictures of Courchevel and the ones taken during my international work season in Singapour and Hong Kong. More destinations are coming as I will be covering more countries for osteopathy and physiotherapy. So these 2 twitter accounts are a window on both my pro-life and my trips around the world. But that’s not it! Twitter is a way for me as well to get informed and updated on medical issues, sports injuries rehabilitation techniques, new causes of back pain, neck pain, knee injuries for example. Keep an eye on my 2 twitter accounts as I want to share now more medical scientific articles, more tips about the ski resort and more info that can actually help you improve your health and your everyday life. So for the upcoming ski season in the resort, you will have more info maybe fewer pictures. Sharing tips, tricks via twitter about the resort will be up too. Where are the best places to eat ? What are the events to attend during your holiday? And all the tips and trick to know to maximize your time in the valley.

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