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Courchevel a bit of history:


We operate mainly in the Courchevel area, it is a huge ski playground connected with 2 other valleys. But let’s get back in time, originally called Saint Bon, it was a quiet rural area in Savoie, France. The beautiful scenic landscape got untouched for centuries, people were farmers here and making cheese. During world war 2 some people who fought the Germans used to hide there, especially in Valley des Avals. I went years ago hiking there and found in an old refuge some graffiti talking about how tough life was there as a fighter. It still can be read today if you have strong legs to there. When world war 2 ended, the area received massive compensation funds from the Germans to rebuild the economy. It was decided then to build a ski resort to boost employment and make the region alive again. At first, it had been decided to build the ski resort in Courchevel 1850 for low-income families, and dozens of those typical squares have been built to house them. Those chalets have nearly disappeared now, and they are now protected by the government. Years after in the early seventies French president Valery Giscard d'Estaing decided to go skiing there, attracting the media and therefore celebrities. The future of Courchevel was then ceiled. More and more rich and famous started to invade the resort. The resort started then to change dramatically, getting more and more exclusive it just boomed in the late nineties early 2000’s with the collapse of the Soviet empire. Dozens of oligarchs rushed the resort and forced business owners to raise the standards of the village to the ultimate luxury it is today. Businesses here used to be run by local families and nowadays more and more luxury groups are investing in the famous 1850 village. We started to operate there in 2000 adapting our standards higher and higher due to the change in visitors.


Geography Of Courchevel Valley :

The Geography and what it means

Courchevel has divided I 6 villages from bottom to top:

Saint Bon the original village, it’s the oldest part of the resort and a great place to save money on accommodation, access to slopes from there is done by bus shuttles. A charming place to wander, old architecture, seasonnaires and locals alike hanging out.

Le Praz a charming village equipped with lifts that give direct access to the slopes, altitude 1350 meters, it is the place that has this typical village atmosphere. Again, old architecture, most of the seasonnaires live there, and a lot of local business owner as well.

 La Tania, originally built to host journalists during the winter Olympics in 1992, it became part of Courchevel ski resort after that, it doesn’t have a lot of sun exposure due to full north exposure but it’s full of great backcountry skiing. Invaded by Brits during the winter, most of the accommodations are tour operated chalets and flats. Direct access to the slope as well.

Courchevel 1550 (altitude 1550 meters) or Village is up and surrounded by slopes it’s a classic little ski resort, with restaurants and shops excellent sun exposure try l’oeil de boeuf restaurant. The main advantage of 1550 is the direct access to 1850 via the slopes. It’s getting more and more high-end market as tons of newly renovated luxury chalets are popping up. A good option to avoid the high price rental of 1850.

Courchevel 1650 or Moriond, family resort with great sun, the big nights out with seasonnaires. Great backcountry skiing as well. Less pricey than 1850, it’s where the youngsters stay to do the après. Full of shops and life, it’s a great place for families and young people alike. The con is the ski access to 1850 which is not direct. One of my favourite place for backcountry skiing and carving session on the slopes.

Courchevel 1850, you name it the place to be!! Luxurious accommodations, high-end chalets, luxurious boutiques, crazy jet-set nightlife. You’ll be able to spot celebrities, famous people, the place is stunning in terms of architecture and looks like a postcard. Courchevel 1850 has the most Michelin stars per square meter in the world, probably the best food offer on the planet. All ski in ski out accommodations can be found there, high-end services are the standards. We deliver most of our services here, physiotherapy, osteopathy, and sports massage in a selection of great chalets and hotels. Click here to find out more on the official website. Or don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Enjoy your stay here, the biggest ski resort in the world, 600 kilometres of connected slopes. Courchevel is north exposed mainly which guaranty the best snow quality within the 3 valleys area.


Transport Within The Courchevel Ski Resort:

Getting around the ski resort is easy. You can use of course the network of chair lifts and ski, it’s the healthiest way and fun. You have as well a solid network of free bus shuttles that connects all the villages, you can even take your skis or snowboard in the buses, they are equipped. Click here for routes and schedules. I wouldn’t advise driving your car, roads are usually snowy and it’s hard to park. If you decide to drive, be equipped, read more about driving in snow here. As we are mobile to deliver our services to your place, our physio osteopath is equipped with jeep 4X4 with snow tires to be on time for your treatment whatever the conditions are in Courchevel. There is as well a really good network of private cars, shuttles and taxis for that late night out.  

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