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My French Physio offers a thorough Sports Massage Service which can be extremely beneficial to your bodies health and wellbeing during your winter stay in Courchevel.


* Have you sustained an injuring after skiing on the slopes of Courchevel?

* Are you trying to deal with an old injury which just won’t stop giving you endless woes?

* Simply in the mood for a relaxing massage?


Then you should make it a point to call and make an appointment with My French Physio today!

So, if you are someone who has never really opted for a sports massage before, then right at the onset you should know that a sports massage Courchevel is usually administered after a ski session. If you are someone who has been skiing in the past, then you would know that it is physically, mentally and as well as emotionally, rather challenging. So, that is why, many people who opt for it, usually need some kind of post-ski care in order to help their body deal with the aches and pains. Apart from this, sports massage Courchevel is also needed in order to prepare the body for the next day’s skiing session. Though My French Physio excels at providing osteopathy in Courchevel and physiotherapy in Courchevel, a sports massage by My French Physio is still one of the most sought-after services in the region, owing to the fact that:


My French Physio Offers a Mobile Sports Massage Service Allowing You To Stay In The Comfort Of Your Private Chalet or Hotel...

After a long day on the slopes, having this sought after mobile massage service come to visit in true Courchevel style, means that not only will you be in the hands of a qualified local physio/osteo, but ensures you can stay relaxed, warm & even enjoy your very own spa at home without the need to step back out into the cold.


Professionalism and safety is something you will never need to worry about with       

My French Physio...

It would truly make you happy to know that a massage Courchevel style is not just delivered by a beauty therapist, but by a local, fully qualified professional who's extensive knowledge in the back and body care will positively benefit you in the long run. 


Other Medical Problems Are Tended To...

So, even if you have an injury or muscle pull and are in need of some physiotherapy Courchevel, then you can rest? assured that My French Physio has extensive medical knowledge and comes well equipped to alleviate your pain with simple manual manoeuvres. 


These are simply a few of the reasons why getting a sport massage Courchevel is truly one of the best things you can do! This type of massage Courchevel style, will be more therapeutic in nature owing to the fact that your My French Physio has an in-depth knowledge about physiotherapy and osteopathy as well! Where else will you find a Courchevel massage that is willing to offer you a professional mobile service in the comfort of your chalet or hotel ?

So, rather than living with your aches and pains, simply pick up your phone and make an appointment today!

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