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Osteopathy Courchevel Services should be offered by a Professional Osteo Health Care Professional. Especially when your joints, spine, muscles and soft tissues are concerned.


Osteopathy is a drug-free, noninvasive manual therapy. An Osteopath in Courchevel will aim to improve health, comfort as well as release pain in your body by manipulating organs, muscles, joints or spine. This manual medicine means that both treatments and diagnosis will be carried out by precise tests and with hands. The benefits of osteopathy positively affect the musculo skeletal structures of your body, as well as the nervous system, lymphatic system, circulatory system and well being of your body.
It can be preventive as well as being a post-traumatic procedure to get you back on feet.


After a crash on the slopes in Courchevel, your body can be out of place and unbalanced. The whole muscle and bones structure in your body is unbalanced, it generates pain and discomfort as well. Your ability to perform well the day after on skis or snowboard will decrease sharply.


In some cases, the pain might be unbearable and you will be out for days on the slopes of Courchevel. After a serious and precise assessment, an osteopath can fix the body disbalance, giving freedom of movement for the body tissues, and bones. An osteopath in Courchevel cannot fix a bruise but a displaced body? Yes!


Snowboarding and skiing is great fun, but for most of the snow enthusiasts, it's something they do a week or two during the winter season. Crashes at high speed, sore muscles, discomfort at the end of the day on the slopes are really common for riders on holiday.

Courchevel Osteopath can help improve your performances from day one. An osteopath Courchevel can help you improve your dynamic balance. Dynamic balance is how your body balances itself whilst in motion. After a precise assessment and a look out on your health history, an osteopath performs adjustments, dedicated mobilizations on every part of your body from soft tissues (muscles, organs, to joints, and spine). This procedure will allow you to get a body reset that will increase dramatically your dynamic balance, and minimizes the chances of a severe crash. Whilst on the slopes in Courchevel, an osteopathic assessment will make you feel confident, balanced and better on your skiing or snowboarding performances.

your osteopth in courchevel can help your knee
osteopathy covers the entire body in courchvel
a knee treated by an osteopath in courchevel


When an osteopath is required for you in Courchevel, the best way to get things sorted out is first to ask your concierge or ski instructor, they know the Courchevel resort really well and they know the good people. Reputation is a key to get a good Courchevel osteopath. It is important to check the training of your osteopath Courchevel.


The French have two ways of becoming an osteopath: A 6-year training or as some osteopaths in Courchevel, a diploma in physiotherapy then a 6-year training in osteopathy. We highly recommend seeing a physiotherapist that has a degree in osteopathy. Why? Because usually as they train in osteopathy, they work as well as a physiotherapist, which give them the opportunity to implement slowly but surely and safely, osteopathic techniques on hundreds and hundreds of patients. Plus, dealing with the human factor, your physiotherapist osteopath Courchevel will know by experience what is the perfect osteopathy treatment for you.


Finally, choose an experienced Courchevel osteopath that loves to ride/ski the mountains, they will know exactly what your problems/injuries are and it's a great way to discuss the resorts of Courchevel, the slopes of Courchevel, and learning good local tips.


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