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the logo of courchevel ski resort where you can find your osteopath physiotherapist during winter


A Physiotherapist in Courchevel is a  highly qualified health professional who works in partnership with their patients to get better and stay well. 

A Courchevel physio works closely with GPs and other health clinicians to plan and manage treatments. It's basically the treatment of the human body using motion, mobilizations. It restores the freedom of movements in the human body.

Using advanced scientific techniques and evidence-based care, Courchevel physiotherapists assess, diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders. Courchevel Physiotherapy helps repair damage, reduces stiffness and pain and increases mobility. 

Physiotherapy in Courchevel extends from health promotion to injury prevention, acute care, rehabilitation, functional mobility maintenance, manages chronic diseases.


When hitting the slopes in Courchevel, your body can be either in good condition or in a bad condition. A Courchevel physio will help you improve your skills on the slopes of Courchevel and/or will make your day possible on the snow.

With a wide range of techniques or scientific knowledge of the human body, a Courchevel physiotherapist can provide maintenance for your body after a hard day on the slopes. 


Using deep tissue massage, mobilizations and stretching, a Courchevel physio will restore the function and capacity of your body to perform well on the slopes of Courchevel. This kind of maintenance will drain the toxins produced by your muscles during your ski or snowboard sessions, easing tension and will restore your body for maximum performance, ready for the next day.

In case you are injured, or your body is not in the best condition for various reasons, a Courchevel physiotherapist can help you to get the best out of your visit on the slopes.
As a highly trained health care professional, a physiotherapy Courchevel specialist will assess your medical history, your case, then safely design a tailor-made program to help you ski in the safest way possible. A Courchevel physio will also give you advice on how to ski safely and prepare yourself. This particular nongeneric tailor-made program includes a visit from your Courchevel physio before you ski, and at the end of the day on a daily basis.

a physio form courchevel checking a knee
courchevel physio checking a shoulder
a courchevel physiotherapist checking a sternum


To use a Courchevel physiotherapist during your ski holiday in Courchevel is a must to keep your body at top performance on the slopes.


On a daily basis during your stay, you can ask your Courchevel physio to prepare your muscles in the morning using specific warm up muscles exercises. This will prevent a high risk of ski injury. Then after your day on Courchevel slopes, your Physiotherapy Courchevel health professional provides deep tissue sports massage and a series of stretching for full recovery.

On-demand and on specific pathology, ask your Courchevel physiotherapist to design a specific physiotherapy program for you.


When coming to Courchevel and booking a Courchevel physio, you want to make sure your Courchevel physiotherapist is the right for you.

Firstly we recommend you find a French physio, because in the case something goes wrong you will be fully covered medically and legally. As physiotherapy is highly controlled in France, your Courchevel physio must be insured and fully registered by law with French medical organizations.

A physio with experience is important for the success of your Courchevel holiday. Your experienced Courchevel physiotherapist will have a better understanding of your needs.


Try to find a Courchevel physio that rides and skis! They will know what your pain is like and what you will need before and after your ski day. Perhaps you will learn about hidden ski spots and local tips on where to go, and what to do in Courchevel too!

hip check in corchevel made by a physiotherapist


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