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The Blog Of Your Physiotherapist Osteopath From Courchevel

Here is my blog on that page. I am writing from time to time articles linked to, of course, physiotherapy and osteopathy but as well about various topics including travel tips, Courchevel ski resort, physical well being, mental well being, the list is long. I am splitting my time between Courchevel ski resort during the European winter and Bali during the rest of the year working internationally ( Singapour, Hong Kong, Moscow, Amman, Vienna to name a few). Such a lifestyle involved a lot of air travel, you will find regular articles about it. Courchevel is one of the best ski resort on the planet. Winter sports generates sometimes some injuries, pathologies, pain management and the best skiers are the ones who prepare well before the ski season. As a physiotherapist osteopath, I m giving in this blog some useful tips about health management, injuries, preparation, training. Living in the spiritual island of gods, Bali, I have embraced spirituality and self-development you will find articles as well on how to be a happy, peaceful person. Good reading ! and don't forget again to book here your treatments and enhancement when in Courchevel or the rest of the world here.

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