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My 12th Courchevel Season Starts In 3 Weeks

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

First of all, as my website name says I am French... I have good skills for speaking in English but for my writings it's a different story, So sorry for all of you, my grammar, my orthograph might be a bit of a nightmare for you, but I am working on it.

Being a seasonnaire means having two lives, the winter one and the summer one. As Courchevel resorts are opening in 3 weeks, I am starting to say goodbye to my summer life which takes place in Biarritz, France.

It's a lovely place in the south west of France, by the Spanish border on the Atlantic Coast. Click on the picture for more info.

biarritz courchevel life of a physio osteopath

Biarritz a beautiful place for surfing, as growing up in Normandy by the beach is not the perfect place for surfing (THAT is my passion.) I decided to move there to surf in 2003. But I love snowboarding as well, so I decided to cut my life in 2 and move to Courchevel to work there and do my passion as much as i can.

So now it's time to prepare fo the winter season, accomodation for the season is a nightmare in Courchevel. It's really hard to find and extremely expensive. After making sure you have a roof for the season, it's time to spend countless hours on the laptop, on the phone, on the web and it's super time consuming. I must contact friends, make sure they come back, contact and make phone calls to the hotels I'm working with, same for the chalets. The seasonnaire world in Courchevel is full of surprises, people stay for years, some a few months, even less sometimes. We are a big family who enjoy the mountains, the ski resort life, but we ensure that you're going to have the best service, you're going to enjoy a wonderful holiday. It's an invisible world for you, that works really hard in order for you to enjoy the best time possible in Courchevel.

On my side the long check list starts now !! Email people in Courchevel, phone them, look on the web to see what's new to answer clients questions. Then prepare the summer flat for a long empty time, wich means make sure your mail is going to Courchevel, make sure you cut power, water, gaz in the flat, make sure it can be safe with nobody inside for the 5 months of the season.

Then change the tyres, put the winter ones as the roads at night when it's snowing can be really tricky in Courchevel. When i go to visit you in your chalet doing osteopathy, physiotherapy, sport massage, i got to be on time, the time you requested, vehicule is the key ! it's my office. I got a 4x4 equipped with snow tyres wich is a must to be a time, and go to all the places in the resort. Then double check my work equipment, my portable tables, oils, strappings in case of articulation problems. I got to be ready for you whatever your requests are and sometimes i've got some funny ones, or some really serious ones. As i m fully trained, and continue to train myself every year, i got the responsability of your safety, and your well being. I got to know perfectly when it's time to say "no i can't help you, you got to go to the doctor, or hospital". I can do a lot for you, but i stay humble, and serious case happens every seasons, i redirected countless of injured people to hospital, doctors, arrange transports etc. I know how to recognise a serious injury and working on it can be really dangerous. Your safety is my concern number one. Now i got to start packing my winter clothes and snow gear but it's another story...

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