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Massage Therapist In Courchevel Backstage

massage courchevel physio courchevel

It's still night time, really too early to fight the cold outside. It's late december, the busiest time for Courchevel ski resort, russians are here, all services are running on full capacities. And my french physio courchevel has to get ready for a 7:00 am sports massage appointment, and being late is not permited. As a service provider, i m sticking to my iphone barely 24 hours a day, fitting in my french physio courchevel agenda everyone, all courchevel's visitors want the same time for their sports massage. For us, sports massage therapist in courchevel, the fire is on from 16:00 to 21:00. Thanks technology, smartphones are making our life much easier, i got an online agenda where my spa residency got top priority and my appointments are placed on line in real time. Then i got my physio sessions, osteopathic sessions, my sports massages outside my spa residence, chalets in courchevel, hotels in courchevel, last minute calls emergencies. My voicemail is just full and concierges want the best time possible for their clients. The trick is to fit everyone in but be on time as well. Because of the high end nature of Courchevel's clientele, timing is everything, i can't be late. Transport is a matter of business survival, i made errors in the past having no snow tyres, bad vehicules for snow driving. I invested on a proper snow eating machine car, a Jeep renegade 4X4 j equipped with snow tyres. Whatever the weather conditions i can go from one place to other in 10 minutes across the resort. Every minutes counts, thanks new chalets, they are having now all the spa facilities available. But sometimes i have to go to places i've never been to, carrying my massage table and my gear under the snow, and still look good, fresh, and smiley to the concierge who called me and of course the clients. During busy weeks doing my job is like managing air trafic control. But i don't complain, i like the rush, the adrenaline rush of making impossible possible. And the best gift is the client's satisfaction after their sports massage in courchevel. The toll of the busy activity on my body is muscle pain in my fore arms, fatigue, dehydration due to altitude and the warmth of those beautiful chalets. I use a lot my upper body but as well as my legs and abs whilst snowboarding. The season is a long marathon, i m working 7 days a week, nearly available 24. It's not rare to finish the day at 1 am, then charge for my 7:00 am sport massage in courchevel 1850. So sleep management is the key, good nutrition, a lot of stretches for my body, hydration, and a lot of happiness on the slopes of courchevel during my free precious hours. I love that pace of work because my clients are trusting me, and this morning my french physio courchevel is ready on time to provide the 7:00 sport massage for an old time client.

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