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Season Mood : Winter Blues And Melancholiday

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

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I am living in le praz, Courchevel 1350. For those who know the resort well, from December to January Courchevel 1350 is a cold shady place, due to sun exposition Le Praz stays in the shadows of our beautiful mountains most of the time during those 2 months. Don't get me wrong it's lovely beautiful place.

I ve noticed that during that time my level of tiredness was high, a lack of energy, and sometimes some bad moods. I changed it all, being a physiotherapist in courchevel i have to be enjoyable for my clients during my sport massage . And there's not such a great feeling to be energetic and happy on the slopes of courchevel. Here are a few tips to maintain your happiness and feeling great during your season in courchevel, or after your holiday in courchevel.

The Reasons :

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It’s a well known syndrome, triggered by less exposure to direct sunlight. Some people might be heavily exposed to that, sunlight triggers and regulate our hormones and body clock. SAD can make yourself develop the symptoms of depression : change in appetite, anxiety, sadness, fatigue, irritability.

  • For some of our visitors, it can be linked directly to the fact of being on holiday. They can expect too much: breaking the bank for Christmas presents, being linked again with friends and family and dealing with personal issues with them. And finally being stressed with this time off.

  • Gloomy skies matches gloomy moods. Again a case of sunlight exposure.

  • Some people can feel totally disconnected with holiday time. The reasons are various, sad memories, bad experiences, or the lack of “rat race”.

  • Holiday Blues from loss, grief, a move that distances from friends, family. Divorce can be a source of disruption as reinventing Holliday time is a key line and can be difficult to deal with.

What are the solutions then ?

  • It may sound commercial from me, but treat your body. A happy body goes or make a happy mind. Get a relaxing sport massage courchevel, do the MOT your body needs with a session of osteopathy Courchevel, enlight your body with a good physio session in Courchevel. Take care of your body !

  • Get yourself strong ! When down we all have this tendency to skimp on nutrition. Sadness can drive us to bad unhealthy food and/or alcohol. Kick yourself and make healthy regular meals, water intake a top priority.

  • keep moving. It’s as simple as that our body needs exercices and motion. It will trigger a lot of hormones realease that includes sleeping patterns, mood, and appetite regulations. Stay active !

  • write !!!! Again a simple tip. If you write down your emotions, your feelings in a journal, you’ll be able first to express yourself and put your mood into words which is a great way to tidy your mind and know yourself. And reading your journal will help you to monitor your mind, emotions again a great way to improve yourself and make yourself understandable.

  • Create your own new world! If you escaping on Holliday or a full season from grief, divorce, or personal issues, create a new way to live in a new environment. Wake up at different time than before, the earlier the better. Seek different social interactions than before. Leave that smartphone and live the real world. Creating a new world around you will help you getting a new mind.

  • super super simple. When it’s sunny go and walk in the sun !!! Get a sunlight bath, get exposed to sunlight and go to bed early. A good body clock is a key to good mind and good body. Make yourself synchronises with nature.

  • Impose yourself a new social experience, we are meant to be around people go outside and meet new people, make new friendship, keep open and spray good mood around you even if you are not well.

In my case the 2 main causes were exercices and sunlight exposure. When it’s sunny I go to Courchevel 1650 and walk in the sun, the forests by les aval Vallees or go for a snowboard ride if I got time before my sports massage appointment. Food is important eat well it’s easy, and avoid alcohol or drugs it drives nowhere.

If your symptoms are too strong seek help from a healthcare professional.

And guess what ? Go on the slopes of Courchevel, it the best smiles making machine on earth.

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