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Massage ? Sports Massage ? How do i do my sports massage treatment

a physio snowboarding in courchevel

I traveled the world the last couple of months, searching for perfect waves and great adventures. Indonesia is my favorite playground as well as Australia. Asian countries are known to be the best place on earth for massages. Massage is part of the culture in asia, especialy in Indonesia. And i got to admit that after a long surf session, i blessed myself with a good massage. But as surfers spend most of their time padling, shoulder, neck is the main issue and i couldn't find sometimes the right massage therapist that understood what i was using all day in the water surfing.

When back in Courchevel, i m on the slopes nearly everyday like you. And when i got my sports massage appointments i know exactly how my clients are feeling on my massage table as i had the same day as them.

First, i always ask what my client was doing earlier before the sport massage appointment. Skiing ? Snowboarding ? Chilling ? Walking ? Well from the response i customise the procedure. I m a physiotherapist / otseopath and i have a really good understanding of physiology, and muscles activities depending on the physical actions of the day.

There are tons of articles on benefits of massages and how massage can help you, just google it !! I just want to share my vision on how i can help my clients to maximise their stays in Courchevel. If i have a skier or snowboarder i will work more than half time of the session on legs as those legs are the engines of the daily session. Quads are essentials, the shock absorbers of your ride, they push your turns, your cqrves, they keep you stable on rough terrain. I m taking a particular attention on quads for skiers and snowboarders in Courchevel during the sport massage session, always giving deep, strong strokes always parallel to the muscles fibers to evacuate as much toxins as i can and give the muscles the rejuvinating time they need. The idea is mainly during the massage to ease and help all muscles groups involved during the riding session. and believe me there are a lot of muscles involved in skiing or snowboarding. I got my selections of well known muscles in mind due to my understandings. i will work on muscles that you use and at the end of the massage session the comfortable ones. If you are on a chilling mode, i will just work on how to make you more chilled. It may sounds a bit blurry but all i want to say is that my sports massage in courchevel are customised and unique for your case.

Book now your sport massage here, or your physio courchevel here, oryour osteopath session here.

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