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Ski VS Snowboard Which Is The Most Dangerous ?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

During the winter in Courchevel, i have to deal with a lot of injuries related to winter sports. Pain management, treating injuries is a part of my job as a physiotherapist osteopath. Quite often my clients are asking which sport is the most dangerous on the slopes. So is skiing more dangerous than snowboarding ?


There are a lot of medical statistics about these topics. I took a look at not the most recent study but it's quite revelant. A medical survey made in America during the winter 2011/2012. During this winter 39 people died on skis compare to 12 snowboarders. Seeing these numbers, skiing is defenitively more dangerous than snowboarding. Saying that you are more likely prone to injure yourself on a snowboard. 6,975 snowboarders on 1000 injured themselves compare to 2,635 on 1000 on skis. On skis 60 % are men, 40% are women. For snowboarders 63% are men, 37% are women. Injuries accured in both case more often for men. Speed is factor of injuries, top speed on skis 156 miles per hour, 126 miles per hour on a snowboard. Saying that serious injuries have dropped massively by more than 50% due to the use of helmets.

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