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Body and Soul

far from courchevel physio osteopath traveling

tropical courchevel osteo and physio on holliday

After spending some times in Indonesia and Bali, I made the decisions to move away from the crowd, pollution, tourists and go to a place where I can invigorate and boost my soul. Working as a physiotherapist osteopath in Courchevel involves dealing with bodies, but with minds and souls as well. This human factor can be particularly draining for any therapists. Most of the time my patients are enjoyable and nice people, some of them became eventually my friends. But sometimes I’ve got to deal with people who got a lot of Issues in their life and their bodies are talking, i m here to help and ease their pains but as a sponge a physiotherapist osteopath absorbs the bad energy of people, and it’s part of my job. Before the season in Courchevel, i need to recharge totally my soul batteries, deal and close my personal issues to be strong and ready to help anybody who’s seeking my help. That’s how you get the better treatment. Technics are one thing, quality of service another, but psychology and the strength of the therapist mind are essentials. I m treating bodies yes ! But a part of my work is the mind as well. So I decided to insulate myself in a remote part of south Timor, no electricity at night, no phones, no internet, sometimes lack of food. But back to the human roots, I ve met the most adorable people there, living the really simple life, I lived an hedonistic minimalistic life for nearly 2 weeks. I woke up early in the mornings, went to bed early, basically living with and by the cycle of nature. I surfed everyday, playing in the water and excercising my body with incredible waves gave me awareness and the dose of adrenaline and endorphins that made me happy for days. I enjoyed moments of loneliness, I was meditating, clearing my mind, breathing calmly, and sometimes went to a state of absolute mind silence as I call it. I tookselfies of myself before and after, the results were dramatically positive. The journey there is extremely complicated, logistics are nightmare but everything there is solved by a smile. I m now soon back to Europe and Courchevel. I did professional training again this year to improve my technics and Myfrenchphysio is fully loaded with strength and positive energy to treat all of you the best way possible. Can’t wait to be in the resort and start riding the mountains and working. See you all really soon.

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