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Cold Weather Makes You Happy

cold physio courchevel

It's sunday here in Courchevel. I had to drive up to Courchevel 1850 for a client who required an osteopath in emergency. I was shocked by the extreme low temperature displayed on my jeep. The slopes looked empty, and everyone in either courchevel 1650 or courchevel 1850 were wearing polar like jackets. It was and it is still damn cold, i had time to ride today between my physio appointments but no way josé, i gave up. Instead i went for a nice walk in courchevel 1350 (Le Praz), it was a bit fogy and windy. Remember that moist and water conduct warmth and cold 10 times faster than air, and wind reinforces body heat loss massively It's a definite no go on the slopes for me today.

Saying that extreme cold is actually making us, humans, happy. Here's why :


Cold makes us happy as it triggers the production of endorphins. An hormon that makes us feel good and rewarded. Cold weather is usually associated with sunny blue skies, during the winter days are short. The sun sends to us light that triggers other brain chemicals production like serotonin and dopamin, the hormons of pleasure and body clock regulation. A good way to make you walk on those chilly days.


Cold air eases muscles pain and joints pain. And i's even more efficient than medication.


Cold weather makes you burn more calories !! As you are outdoor in cold weather, your body starts to implement a safety biological process (read here my post). In order to keep vital organs warm and functionnal, our body burns much more calories. Good news for those who are keeping an eye on the weight scale !!


Cold weather make us beautiful ! Cold air makes our skin pores to close and firms our skin. Skin gets more resistant to pollution and dirt.


And finally as we deserve a rest, a good hot drink, a nice warm meal. Being exposed to cold is the best excuse to please yourself with a caloric bomb that we all love.

So go outside during this cold wave, maybe not ride like me, but a nice walk in the forest, trees were beautiful this morning.

Then come back to your chalet and book my french physio for a lovely sports massage in the courchevel area.

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